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Welcome to the Borough of Demarest, New Jersey
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Borough Directory
Main Office Telephone FAX
 201-768-0167 201-768-2581
Mayor Telephone E-Mail
Raymond J. Cywinski201-768-0167 ext. 10 cywinski@demarestnj.org
Council Telephone E-Mail
Joseph Gray, Council President201-768-0167 ext. 10 gray@demarestnj.org
Ted Davis201-768-0167 ext. 10 davis@demarestnj.org
Joe Connolly201-768-0167 ext. 10 connolly.joe@demarestnj.org
Gregg Paster201-768-0167 ext. 10 paster@demarestnj.org
Melinda Iannuzzi201-768-0167 ext. 10 iannuzzi@demarestnj.org
Daryl Fox201-768-0167 ext. 10 fox@demarestnj.org
Department Contact Telephone E-mail
Administrative AssistantJeanine Siek 201-768-0167 ext. 10siek@demarestnj.org
AmbulanceJoseph Fortunato 201-767-8050
Board of Health
  Deputy Registrar
Elise Wrede 201-768-0167 ext. 30wrede@demarestnj.org
Borough Clerk - RegistrarSusan Crosman 201-768-0167 ext. 39crosman@demarestnj.org
Borough EngineerAzzolina & Feury Engineering, Inc. 201-845-3825g.vanderveer@afenginc.com
Building DepartmentKate Williams 201-768-0167 ext. 12williams@demarestnj.org
Demarest Senior Center  201-768-0167 ext. 10
Demarest Swim ClubJackie Fulin 201-768-8182
Department of Public WorksDonny Russell, CPWM 201-768-5439drussell@demarestnj.org
Environmental CommissionJeanine Siek 201-768-0167 ext. 10siek@demarestnj.org
Fire Department
Fire Department ChiefJim McFadden 201-768-0338
Garbage CollectorMiele Sanitation 201-768-5407
Municipal CourtLaurel Carnazza 201-768-1160carnazza@demarestnj.org
Municipal Court AdministratorLaurel Carnazza 201-768-1160carnazza@demarestnj.org
Office of Emergency ManagementJames Powderley III 201-768-1540
Planning Board Administrator/MHLSusan Crosman 201-768-0167 ext. 39crosman@demarestnj.org
Police (non-emergency)  201-768-1540
Police ChiefJames Powderley III 201-768-0167 ext. 18chief@demarestpd.org
Public LibraryEdna Ortega 201-768-8714
Recreation Commission  201-768-0167 ext.15iannuzzi@demarestnj.org
Recycling  201-768-6669
Shade Tree CommissionJeanine Siek 201-768-0167 ext. 30siek@demarestnj.org
Summer Recreation DirectorJackie Sicheri  demarestreccamp@gmail.com
Tax Finance Office
Tax Collector/CFO
Philip Moore 201-768-0167 ext. 17moore@demarestnj.org
Tax Finance Office
Deputy Tax Collector/Treasurer
Ida Mandich 201-768-0167 ext. 42mandich@demarestnj.org
Zoning Board SecretaryFlorence Savoye 201-768-0167 ext. 12savoye@demarestnj.org
Zoning OfficerEd Rossi 201-768-0167 ext. 14