Welcome to the Borough of Demarest, New Jersey
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Welcome to the Borough of Demarest, New Jersey
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The Borough of Demarest, NJ: Police Department
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Public Safety/Traffic Advisory
When driving in the area of Hardenburgh and Park Street, please do not block the intersection and crosswalks. Please be mindful that our emergency services facilities are located in the center of town. It is essential that our emergency vehicles and personnel are able to pass through without unnecessary delays or obstructions even during periods of heavy congestion. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Chief James F. Powderley

School Opening
We need the help of every citizen to protect our school children and school crossing guards. Tragically, the pedestrian accident rate has significantly increased statewide:

New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the nation, a situation made worse by the number of vehicles on the State’s roads. For example, 30 years ago 50% of students walked to school. Today, 85% are driven to school, resulting in congestion in the school zones far beyond what the streets were designed to handle.

Too many drivers are distracted by eating or drinking behind the wheel, using cell phones or simply not paying attention. There also are increasing incidents of aggressive driving. Unfortunately, most unsafe driving in school zones is by drivers who use the streets most often - the parents and grandparents dropping off or picking up children.

See children ahead?
Don’t assume they know you are coming, even if they are looking right at you. Children and senior citizens lack auditory localization-the ability to locate a moving object by hearing it. That’s why children and older people are far more likely to be involved in pedestrian accidents.

Accidents involving children are especially common where there are parked cars that block driver’s vision of children darting into the street. Accidents involving senior citizens are more common at intersections because older people take longer to cross.

Many people aren’t even aware how fast they are going. If a car going 20 MPH hits a pedestrian, there is a 95% chance of survival. However, the survival declines to 45% at 30MPH and less than 10% at 40 MPH.

Any person seeing an incident of unsafe driving, especially any action that interferes with a crossing guard is urged to notify the Demarest Police Department @ 201-768-1540. Your cooperation & assistance will be greatly appreciated in keeping our children safe.

Chief James F. Powderley